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  1. Hello Katie,

    first of all, I’d like to thank you for your blog! I stumbled across it a few weeks ago and ever since then I’m going crazy scrolling through your archives. Your photography is such a great inspiration and motivation boost. :)

    May I also ask you a question? I was wondering about your development and scanning habits, since your pictures really seem to convey the specificities of each film type – the warm Kodak tones for example.
    I’m used to giving my film rolls to the next lab for development of the negatives and then scanning them myself and doing some level adjustments in photoshop. It does work – but recently I let the lab do a batch of prints and comparing them to the files on my mac I noticed: the digital scans seem to look less like for example a typical Kodak Gold 200 but more like my individual edit. Do you have any thoughts on this or maybe a recommendation?

    Thanks in advance and I wish you a beautiful Sunday!
    Love from Berlin
    / katrin

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