The September Numbers.

– went to the gym six times
– finished and developed two rolls of film
– watched two movies IN THE THEATRE (The Intern and Everest)
– went to two Mid-Autumn Festival barbecues
– probably ate like ten pomelos (fruit of the Mid-Autumn Festival)
– went on a road trip to Taichung with four friends and one dog (Bobbi, obviously)
– was scheduled to spend two nights in Taichung but turned out to be three instead because of the typhoon
– came back from Taichung with more than twenty orders to ship, so here’s to a busy start to October!


Negative0-09-28(1)1Agfa Vista Plus 200 (expired), Minolta SR-T 101

5 comments on “The September Numbers.

  1. i watched plenty many movies in theatre including everest.
    celebrated mid autumn festival with tiny lantern in park. <3 and i hope you and everyone around you are safe from typhoon.

    1. The electricity went out twice in our house in Taichung during the typhoon but it came back rather quickly so all of was fine. Thank you for your well wishes Pratiksha :)

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