The Weekend List / 24.

Negative0-35-35(1)Kodak Portra 400, Pentax K1000

I (get tired of and) update the apps on the “homepage” of my phone frequently but there are a few favorites that literally make my life easier:

Square Instapic
Google Maps
Talking Translator
– iRead臺北市立圖書館 (official app by the Taipei Public Library)
MOS Order
– and a widget called Sticky Notes Free

Hahaha, after finishing this list I realized my life can be defined by what goes into my phone, I’m not sure what I think about that just yet. What are some apps that you can’t do without?

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  1. Messages (iPhone)
    Mail (iPhone)
    Google Plus
    Downcast (podcasts)
    Google Maps
    Voice Memos (iPhone)

    Snapseed used to be on my list, but I hardly use it anymore since I got VSCO :)

    1. Do you blog with the WordPress app? It just doesn’t seem to work the way I need it to! Spotify just came to Taiwan, I probably need to get it soon :)

      1. You are right about the WordPress app. It’s a bit quirky at times. I use it for the other tools like comments and reading sites I’m subscribed to.

        Spotify on the other hand is just awesome. Even the free account (with adverts) is still awesome.

  2. Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Whats App, ATP/WTA Live, Tennis TV, Davis Cup, Wimbledon (Tennis addicted!), Viber, Amazon, Squaready, Ebay, Instagram, VSCOcam, Kodak Film (I should delete. it’s nice but does not have anything new), Tumblr, Nikon Lenses, Flipagram, Google Maps, the app from my bank (not worth mention, haha), a few games, a few newspapers, and that’s it. haha.

    1. Hahaha, I love the apps that feed your tennis addiction! :) I never knew there was a Kodak Film app, it’s too bad so many people only make apps for Apple!

      1. it’s not worth actually. just the specs and a sample image of each kodak film. and then you can have them listed by the situation. but i still have it because it’s about film and I love when technology meets analog, haha.

  3. Instagram, VSCO, LINE, Gmail, Google Maps, Youtube, and Tumblr. I use LINE the most. The stickers are just too cute!

  4. Nice list! I definitely check my email on my phone (though I don’t often respond FROM my phone). I also check social media, too–Twitter and Facebook. I use VSCOcam, and sometimes Afterlight, when I want to edit photos. Other apps that I routinely use include Instagram, Google Maps, Map My Run (for when I’m out jogging/biking), a weather/radar app, various newspaper and news orginization apps, and a couple different apps to help me manage my blog.

    1. I totally know what you mean… I find myself feeling so much more comfortable responding from a computer. Google Maps is like my partner when I go on walks, hahaha!

  5. feedly, kindle, gmail, viber, facebook messenger, snapseed, google keep, google maps.
    Feedly was down a few days ago and it almost “destroyed” my news update for that day. That’s how we so depend on apps x (

    1. I love Feedly so much more than I ever did Google Reader, it’s just so easy on the eyes and so convenient to keep track of your favorite posts. :)

  6. I use :

    VSCO cam
    End Anxiety
    (and it is only a piece of iphone with 8 gb so i have to stop the app adding ahahaha)

    1. I checked out End Anxiety and I think it’s actually suitable for anyone who’s even just a little bit stressed out. ♥

      Do you actually shop on the Aliexpress app?!?! :D

      1. ahaha yes :) anything to low my anxiety levels is bliss!
        I used to buy loads of stuff from Ali express but since i installed the app, because i am so broke i just use it to add things to my favorites list ahahaha <3

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