The Weekend List / 25.

Negative0-35-XA(1)Lomography CN 400, Waterproof Toy Camera

Now that the weather is truly, cruelly hot, I thought it’d be fun to share with you my Summer Bucket List:

– try 3 new ice-cream flavors
– go on a road-trip (already planning one!)
– host a picnic party
– listen to live music at an outdoor location
– watch a sunrise and a sunset on the same day
– upcycle something
– take a class (decide between darkroom, handmade or language)
– get a manicure/pedicure

What are some of your summer (or winter, for my southern hemisphere friends) goals?

Good Times.


Nothing like beautiful weather and an impromptu trip to the beach to put a smile on your face and fill up your heart, especially with your favorite people (and dog) in the world. I really, really wanted to use the waterproof camera and crossed my fingers that Lomography CN 400 would work well enough for the plastic camera – I just adore how well it captured the blue skies at Baisha Bay (白沙灣).














Negative0-06-31(1)Lomography CN 400, Waterproof Toy Camera

Girl With Camera.

Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400, Canon FTb

I was looking through my pictures to put together a new post and realized that I have quite a few of my friend Becky with her/a camera. I do love a good old themed post and am really happy to see them together in one place. Some of these were first seen in older posts – here, here and here.

Lucky Super 100, Konica C35MF

Fujifilm Superia 200, Zenit TTL

Fujicolor 100, Zenit TTL

Kodak UltraMax 800, Canon FTb

Lomography CN 400, waterproof toy camera

Beach Vacation at Qixingtan, Hualien / Part III.

I got one of those waterproof toy cameras for my birthday this year and I was so excited about taking it to the beach. Unfortunately, I was terrible at using the thing (ironically, the plastic really got in the way) and broke the winding knob after, like, 8 shots.

When I returned home from the beach, I moved the film into my Golden Half and proceeded to take random pictures over the first 10 frames or so, hoping that they weren’t all ruined from being exposed during the move.

For some reason, none of the underwater shots turned out (I think I took about two or three) but I’m quite taken to these that did turn out (double exposed with my Golden Half pictures). Although it’s not the easiest camera to maneuver, I do think it is the perfect inexpensive toy to bring to the beach (or anywhere with water). I have already replaced my broken one and hopefully I’ll get the chance to use it again soon with higher speed films.

Kodak UltraMax 400, waterproof toy camera