Minolta SR-T 101.


Some time last year I decided that I was going to build my camera collection around different brands of SLRs with different lenses since they are basically the only kind of cameras I use regularly. As much as I really like the design/quality of rangefinders or the convenience of toy cameras, I hardly ever pick them up so I’ve gone on to sell part of my collection to make space for more SLRs.

Happy to announce that my latest addition is a Minolta SR-T 101 with a beautiful MC Rokkor-PF 55mm f1.7 – loving the bokeh and focal length so much I will probably be using this camera exclusively for a while.











Negative0-18-17(1)5Fujicolor 100 (expired), Minolta SR-T 101

Olympus Mju II / Stylus Epic.


For my birthday this year, I had another camera added to my humble collection because, really, there are few things that make me happier. I was told I could pick any camera of my choice (even ridiculously expensive ones like a Hasselblad but goodness knows I am not ready for that, haha!) so for a while I debated between a Zeiss Ikon Taxona (which makes square photographs on 35mm film), a Canon Demi EE17 (a manual half-frame camera and so pretty) and an Olympus Mju II. I ultimately decided on the Mju II because of its convenience and quality – both of which I’ve never enjoyed simultaneously working with SLRs or toy cameras.

I believe I was introduced to this camera by superhero pho-Tony and then greatly inspired by Inês’ recent photographs. Hopefully you can tell by this test roll that I’m having a lot of fun with this tiny thing, it is definitely delivering the convenience and quality I am looking for. There are a few problems I can name off the top of my head but I will leave it for short review which will be added to the Camera Guide after I shoot a few more rolls with it. Happy Monday!









Negative0-17-15(1)Fujicolor 100 (expired), Olympus Mju II

Vivitar 220/SL.


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have heard that the Vivitar SL/220 I purchased on Etsy arrived surprisingly early from the United States yesterday! The package came early afternoon which was perfect timing because I was taking Ada out for a little walk around town – and yes, sometimes I am crazy enough to bring two SLRs out. :)

As always, the test roll is mainly to make sure the camera is in complete working order and I’m happy to announce that this new addition to my humble collection did not disappoint. The camera comes with a beautiful Mamiya/Sekor 28mm f2.8 so it was such a treat to look into the wide lens and realize I don’t have to keep stepping back to try to capture more into the frame. Although it was so bright out yesterday I hadn’t had the chance to shoot wide open and fully test out the bokeh – more close up shots on the next roll, I guess!









Negative0-15-15(1)Ferrania Solaris 400 (expired), Vivitar 220/SL

Pentax K1000.


I’ve been meaning to add another SLR to my film camera collection for some time now and it was always a choice between a Nikon or a Pentax. Two weeks ago, I found a really good deal on Ebay for a Pentax K1000 in excellent condition and it finally arrived yesterday! Now, I’ve seen a lot of loveliness made with this camera (specifically here and here) and was really excited to find out what it could do in my hands. I immediately pop in my usual 12-exposure Ferrania Solaris 400 (tip: always keep a stash of cheap, expired 12-exposure films as test rolls!) and snapped away with my always-ready canine model. In my hastiness, I kept the shutter speed at 1/60 – which is a speed I almost always shoot at – and you can tell by the overexposure that the harsh afternoon sunlight did not agree with me. That said, I’m just plain happy that the camera works fine and can’t wait to use it more!








Negative0-17-12A(1)Ferrania Solaris 400 (expired), Pentax K1000

Lomo LC-A+.

Did anyone notice that I added a button for the Lomo LC-A+ on my sidebar? :)

I’ve been saving up religiously on Lomography piggies and was finally able to purchase it for less than USD60 the weekend before my birthday in June. The LC-A+ has been on my wishlist for a long, long time but it’s difficult to justify paying the original price, which is three times my budget for any camera purchase.

I was so excited to see how my LC-A+ pictures will turn out that I loaded it with a 12-exposure film (it requires too much patience to finish up a 36-exposure roll). Anyway, it only takes 12 exposures to have a mix of the well-focused, the badly-focused, the multiple exposures. I do have quite a few thoughts on the camera after this test roll but I shall share them when I update the Film Camera Guide. Can’t wait to finish up my third roll of film on the LC-A+!

Ferrania Solaris 400 (expired), Lomo LC-A+