The February Numbers.


- took a long fourteen days off work and did nothing but eat, sleep, watch TV, take photographs
– received twenty-six red envelopes from my elders as wishes for the new year
– ate three enormous dinners with my extended family
– met two brand new babies and reunited with two toddlers
– spent an amazing time with four of my oldest friends in the world
– developed three rolls of film, another three waiting to go to the lab, two more in cameras (unfortunately, I forgot to load a black and white in February)
– went to the gym six times (blaming it on the lunar new year holidays, will do much better in March!)


Negative0-26-24(1)1Kodak ColorPlus 200, Olympus Mju II

The People’s Walk.


In the week leading up to the election, our mayor (then candidate) and his team organized a walk in lieu of a rally to gather the people. We had to wake up much earlier than we usually do but I’m glad we made it.





Negative0-15-15(1)Fomapan 100 Classic, Pentax K1000