The January Numbers.


– visited one brand new baby, little Samuel (as photographed here with his beautiful mama).
– went to the gym ten times, really need to up that number!
– developed five rolls of films, four of which I used for the first time, two of which were black and white
– checked out four books from the library, all on watercolor painting
– took one trip out of Taipei (to Yilan), really need to up this number too!
– sent out five letters via snail mail
– cooked our own food three times (we are so bad at eating in)

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with how the first month of 2015 went. How was your January? I hope it was real good and that February is going to be even better.

Negative0-18-18(1)Ilford Pan 100, Minolta SR-T 101

Randomly Delicious (The Dessert Edition) / 12.

Negative0-24-22A(1)Lomography CN 400, Vivitar 220/SL

Negative0-23-21A(1)Lomography CN 400, Vivitar 220/SL

Negative0-32-30A(1)Solution VX 200 (expired), Canon FTb

Negative0-12-12(1)Adox Color Implosion, Pentax K1000

Negative0-02-02(1)1Konica Centuria Super 400 (expired), Olympus Mju II

Negative0-11-8A(1)Efiniti UXi Super 200, Canon FTb

A Family House.


I have one more roll of this expired film and can’t wait to get magical tones like these once again.









Negative0-10-9A(1)Konica VX 200 (expired), Canon FTb