The Window.

Negative0-05-1A(1)Ferrania Solaris 400 (expired), Pentax K1000

Negative0-30-27A(1)1Kodak ColorPlus 200, Minolta SR-T 101

Negative0-06-06(1)Kodak Gold 100 (expired), Pentax K1000

Negative0-13-12(1)4Konica Centuria Super 400 (expired), Vivitar 220/SL

Negative0-31-31(1)1Fujicolor Industrial 100 業務記錄用, Minolta SR-T 101

Negative0-22-22(1)2Fujicolor Industrial 100 業務記錄用, Pentax K1000

A Photo An Hour / 07.

Negative0-24-24(1)111AM, finally shorts weather has arrived!

Negative0-25-25(1)112PM, catching up on blogs on my phone.

Negative0-26-26(1)11PM, sweet potatoes for lunch, doing some detoxing recently due to a small breakout of pimples on my forehead!

Negative0-27-27(1)12PM, working with a smiley face.

Negative0-28-28(1)13PM, juice time (orange for vitamin C).

Negative0-29-29(1)14PM, I prefer fans to air-condition. 

Negative0-30-30(1)15PM, early dinner with lots of fruits. 

Negative0-31-31(1)16PM, still working with Korea drama. 

Negative0-32-32(1)17PM, my updated skin care regime, which I never gave a hoot about before my breakout. 

Ilford Pan 100, Minolta SR-T 101

Myowa Cafe / 和茗甘味處.


The beautiful green desserts we had at Myowa Cafe, first seen this A Photo An Hour post.


Negative0-20-17A(1)1Kodak ColorPlus 200, Minolta SR-T 101