At Home.

Negative0-15-13(1)A new dining table set and a new adopted member in the family.


Negative0-19-17(1)Fujicolor C200 (expired), Minolta SR-T 101

A Photo An Hour / 08.

Negative0-03-03(1)11AM, admiring the morning light.

Negative0-04-04(1)12PM, a snack before lunch.

Negative0-05-05(1)1PM, looking up at the beautiful orange cotton tree flowers on my way to pick up some lunch. 

Negative0-06-06(1)2PM, looking wistfully at some train ticket stubs, wishing I was on a train adventure.

Negative0-09-09(1)3PM, new buttons to add to the shop.

Negative0-12-12(1)4PM, a different perspective.

Negative0-07-07(1)5PM, thinking about turning 30 in a couple of months.


Negative0-14-14(1)6PM, decided on beef noodles in tomato soup.

Negative0-15-15(1)7PM, picking out dessert (berry yogurt ice-cream). 

Negative0-16-16(1)8PM, I really like working at night! 

Fujicolor C200 (expired), Olympus Mju II