Shilin Official Residence Park / Part II.

I keep changing my mind about my favorite kind of film: in the beginning I was really into the pastel hues of ISO100 film but then I realized I use my cameras indoors so much that I had to start using higher speed film. For a while I enjoyed the true-to-life colors represented by Lomography CN 400 and Paradies Action 400 tremendously but then some pictures turned out too true-to-life that they don’t look too different from digital images at all.

These were taken on the same day as my funny, swirly ones on the Superheadz UWS at the park and I’m still not sure how I feel about them. One of my favorite things about film photography is that dreamy quality with which light and colors are captured in the most unpredictable way and that quality just seem to be missing in these. I’ve been working with lots of lower speed films (Fuji, Agfa and Ferrania Solaris), trying to figure out the best ways to utilize different films for the different moods I hope to capture. It has been mostly trial-and-error so far; I love that I never stop learning new things when it comes to film photography.

Paradies Action 400, Canon FTb

Shilin Official Residence Park.

A few weeks ago, we made an unplanned visit to the Shilin Official Residence park because the weather was so beautiful (after being dreary for a long time) it would have been a sin to stay at home. I brought my UWS out for some trigger-happy fun; this thing simply gets no time at all during cold winter months! I used a roll of ISO800 film this time and although I think the results are similar to those produced on ISO400 film, the pictures do have a tendency to get a little overexposed under harsh sunlight. Funny light swirls turned up in a few of them and as with most experiences I’ve had with toy cameras, the ones with the element of surprise become the ones you keeping going back to look at.

Kodak Ultramax 800, Superheadz Ultra Wide & Slim

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