I’ve been relishing my new hobby of gardening for about three months now and let me tell you, it is most definitely growing on me like film photography did. I just can’t stop planting. These were taken when I planted my first seeds and my herd has grown from one pot to ten since then. Watching flowers bloom is possibly one of the best things in my life right now; I am a lover of small things.

Kodak ColorPlus 200, Canon FTb

Red Chillies, White Chillies.

I was going to go with the title Diary of Our Chilli Plant but, seriously, who uses the word ‘diary’ these days? Also, though chronological, this is more like a monthly representation of the rise and fall of our chilli plant – started out small and stubby, gloriously red and green in the summer (although not at all spicy) and then meeting its sad fate of complete discoloration in this cold weather.

Fujifilm Superia 200, Zenit TTL
Kodak UltraMax 800, Zenit TTL
Kodak ColorPlus 200, Lomo LC-A+
Kodak ProFoto XL 100, Canon FTb 

Taipei Zoo / Part I.

When I decided to take a trip to the zoo, it definitely wasn’t about taking pictures of animals. The Taipei Zoo, big as it may be, is not awesome that way. We are usually separated by glass or just incredibly far away from the animals in the outdoors. I did, however, look forward to finding new perspectives that never crossed my mind when I wasn’t into film photography – the sky, the flowers, the children, the nature.

Lomography CN 400, Canon FTb

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