Olympus Autoeye.

The Olympus Autoeye is one of the five cameras I won in bulk on a local auction website and I was really excited to take it out for a spin to see what it can do. The selenium meter doesn’t work and I vaguely remember the exposure or shutter ring being stuck – I’m not entirely sure because the last time I fiddled with it was more than six months ago. It’s a shame because the Autoeye is a beautiful camera and although the one I have is in pristine cosmetic conditions, it no longer lives up to its functions and works more like a trigger-happy plastic camera.

I might still load it with film at some point though, just for the fun of it. I got back a roll of film taken on the Yashica today and am now quite taken with rangefinders all over again!

Ferrania Solaris 400 (expired), Olympus Autoeye