Woody Burgers.


We took my sister to Woody Burgers recently (she moved to a place that is really near the restaurant) and the Lomo LC-A+ came with me as I was eager to finish up the roll with my newly purchased Splitzer. I think my biggest problem is that I want to take photographs that are close to my heart and aesthetic as opposed to being creative. I really hate the idea that using the camera makes me feel like it’s so much more work than a regular SLR and I haven’t found a way to overcome that to truly enjoy the camera. In any case, I will be packing it to go to Macau with me in December – not ready to give up on it yet, I guess!



Negative0-08-08(1)Fujichrome Sensia 100 (expired), Lomo LC-A+

Happy Weekend.


Having had my LC-A+ for a little more than a year now, I honestly haven’t used it as much as I’d like or have been as pleased with the results as I wish I were. A couple of months ago I found a pre-owned LC-A+ Splitzer online for half its retail price and immediately bagged it to add a little spice to the process of using this camera.

I hope this weekend will be filled with wonderful things for you. ♥

Negative0-26-26(1)Fujichrome Sensia 100 (expired), Lomo LC-A+