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Oct 22

Xinpu Station / 新埔車站 / Part III.


And then the puppies walked with us on the way back to the train station and sent us off from their red-brick house.



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Oct 13

Xinpu Station / 新埔車站 / Part II.


The sea was on one side, the mountains on the other. In between, there was an old train station made of wood, three ridiculously adorable puppies who followed us all the way, my dear friends and Mimi. It was perfection.






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Sep 26

The Weekend List / 34.

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This week’s list is my contribution to the 20 Facts About Myself meme going on on Instagram, having been tagged by Aia:

– My immediate family is made up of my parents and a younger sister.
– I don’t like being the older sibling.
– I have known my oldest friends for 16 years, one of them for 19. They are very, very precious to me.
– I have darker skin than most girls and would never be what one would call “fair”.
– I kept diaries until before I graduated high school.
– I was embarrassed by the contents of my diaries when I reread them in my early twenties. I would still be embarrassed if I still had them.
– My major in university was Speech Communication, something often mistaken for Speech Therapy.
– If I could go back to school, I’d major in computer programming or photography.
– I can speak English, Mandarin, basic Korean, a little Japanese, Cantonese and Taiwanese.
– I really want to learn German and French.
– I really, really hate dropping things on the floor because I hate to have to pick them up.
– I have never had a nickname.
– My favorite movie genre is romantic comedy.
– My favorite sport is bowling (hahahahaha).
– I was born at noon on a summer day.
– My given name was actually meant for my paternal uncle’s child born less than a month before my birthday but he had a boy instead so the name was passed on to me.
– One of my favorite memories is my father teaching me how to send an SMS back in the day, when technology was still his thing instead of mine.
– I was painfully shy when I was a child. I don’t know what it feels like to be shy these days, haha!
– I want to watch the World Cup live one day (I’m looking at you, Russia 2018).
– I am truly happy with my life.

Tell me something about yourself! You don’t have to think of 20 things, I would be happy with two or three. :)


Jul 03

A Day With Ada.


Can you believe I still haven’t finished sharing pictures of Ada when she was here in Taipei last September? It’s crazy how time flies! I remember very clearly how I coaxed Ada out of the bushy greens into my backpack to go out for coffee. I don’t think she regretted it!





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Jun 11

Something Old.


A favorite guest of ours at the hostel returned from Japan and came back with this vintage gem. One day, we will go to Osaka in search of our own record player.

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