Made’s Warung.


If you do a little bit of research on restaurants to try in Bali, Made’s Warung is bound to come up at some point – it is incredibly famous, although I’m not exactly sure what for. The food is good but not exceptional and definitely falls on the expensive side. The location is really great though, you can’t miss it if you’re shopping in the Kuta area. My tip for food in Bali: don’t go out of your way to look for the “famous” places, a small stall by the side of the road makes equally wonderful local fare.





Negative0-40-40(1)2Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100, Pentax K1000

Happy Weekend.

Negative0-33-33(1)3Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100, Konica C35MF

The sign says in Chinese: “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.” – a quote by Gandhi.

We haven’t seen the sun for more than two weeks, only rain and chilly wind, which is not really true to December’s characteristics in Taipei. So, I’m thinking a little more about how we are treating mother earth today. Nevertheless, I wish you happy weekend!

Tanah Lot / Part II.


I had no idea what to expect of X-Pro Chrome used with an SLR but the vivid blues and greens were so appropriate for Tanah Lot – it brings out so much of the flavor of Bali! These ones taken with my Pentax are more detail-oriented so I’m not sure if they give you a big picture of what Tanah Lot looks like. I do have some more pictures taken with the Superheadz UWS of the general landscape (like I said previously, this place is crazy photogenic!) so I’ll share more soon.








Negative0-17-17(1)2Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100, Pentax K1000