Letterpress Workshop in Black and White.


I checked out the pop-up workshop by myself the first time, and since it was still on when Evelyn visited, I went with her once more for more photographs.


Negative0-09-09(1)1Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400, Minolta SR-T 101

HOUR Café / 小時咖啡.


To our absolute horror, photographs weren’t allowed inside this coffee shop (except for what was on our table) and so let me present to you, quite possibly, the Curating Cafes post with the least number of photographs, ever.


Negative0-25-25(1)1Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400, Minolta SR-T 101

August Break Day #7 – 5 Facts About Me

Negative0-21-17A(1)2Lomography CN 400, Pentax K1000

I always thought I was a cat person but then life led me to get a dog instead.

Negative0-23-15A(1)1Lomography CN 400, Minolta SR-T 101

I almost always order a latte at a cafe.

Negative0-36-34(1)Lomography Redscale XR, Olympus Mju II

I tried, but I cannot ski.

Negative0-32-32(1)1Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400, Minolta SR-T 101

I never say no to cake.

Negative0-35-35(1)Fujicolor Industrial 100 業務記錄用, Canon FTb

In the Chinese zodiac, I was born in the year of ox.