A Photo An Hour / 01.

Negative0-16-15(1)411AM, starting the day with my Vitamin B pill.

As 2014 came to an end, I began to think about possible blog series ideas that will take over The Weekend List to continue keeping a space on this blog for more personal posts. Eventually I decided to give the A Photo An Hour challenge a go – first because I find myself using film cameras less and less for the everyday (it’s so easy to turn to Instagram); second because I generally take less and less photographs of the everyday, even if you count the digital ones, and I really want to go back into the habit of feeling that every small moment counts.

I have reservations about how long I can keep this series going on because my first attempt was so hard. After you shoot film for some time, you can envision how the photographs will turn out. Many times during the process of taking photos for this series I find myself rejecting subjects for being too plain, too ugly, too boring. I had to keep reminding myself that pretty photographs are not the point and not only pretty moments are worth keeping. So here goes, the very first installment of A Photo An Hour (or maybe two), hopefully being brought to you at least bi-weekly.

Negative0-18-17(1)512PM, picked up dry-cleaning.

Negative0-19-18(1)41PM, making our way to lunch.

Negative0-20-19(1)52PM, treating ourselves to a buffet lunch for no reason.

Negative0-21-20(1)53PM, post-lunch walk around the mall, thinking about how long the Christmas decorations will stay up.

Negative0-22-21(1)44PM, shopping at Nitori.

Negative0-23-22(1)45PM, shopping at Ikea. 

Negative0-24-23(1)46PM, heading out to gym.

Negative0-25-24(1)4Almost 8PM, unhealthy but delicious snack after gym. 

Konica Centuria 400 (expired), Vivitar 220/SL

First of January.


Starting the new year with some adorable, not such a bad idea, yes? Happy brand new year, you guys!

Negative0-13-11A(2)1Konica Centuria 400 (expired film), Pentax K1000

Afternoon Walk at Maokong / 貓空.









Negative0-38-36A(1)5Konica Centuria 400 (expired film), Pentax K1000
Lomography CN 100, Pentax K1000