Project View.

Negative0-33-31(1)Fujicolor 100 (expired), Konica Auto S

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon Project View by murhaaya, a freelance photographer based in Prague. Almost immediately I knew that I could probably cobble together my own little Project View because let’s face it, working from home means I am home a lot, and there is always one specific view from home that starts or ends a roll of film, just to get you going or wrap up properly so you can finally go to the photo lab.

Negative0-39-34(1)Kodak ProFoto XL 100, Pentax K1000

Negative0-18-19A(1)Fujifilm Superia 200, Pentax K1000

Negative0-21-21(1)2Kodak Gold 100 (expired), Pentax K1000

Negative0-26-11A(1)2Lomography CN 100, Lomo LC-A+

The Green Tunnel / 四草綠色隧道.


The Sicao Mangroves Green Tunnel (四草綠色隧道) was the first artificial canal built in Taiwan more than a hundred years ago; mangroves grow thick on the two banks of the canal to form the “green tunnel” through which a raft takes you on a 30 minute ride. I was adamant to see it, so much so that it was the first stop I made when I arrived in Tainan on that Saturday morning. Luck was not on my side and it was drizzling so hard, the raft rides were cancelled because of the high water level in the canal. I went back the next morning, in slightly better weather, to see what people called the “mini Amazon”. If you are planning to visit Tainan, please make sure you check against the raft ride timings and see this beautiful nature reserve for yourself.










Negative0-40-36A(1)Kodak ProFoto XL 100, Pentax K1000

Anping Sunset Platform / 安平觀夕平台.


When I was in Tainan I traveled exclusively via the Tainan Tourist Shuttle Bus and went to as many places as I could over the weekend. The Sunset Platform (安平觀夕平台) was one of the places I had on my list but was ready to forgo if I didn’t have enough time – fortunately I arrived just in time to catch the last of the day’s light, breathed in some fresh air and settled into my long bus ride back into the city.




Negative0-25-21A(1)Kodak ProFoto XL 100, Pentax K1000

Zhengxing Café / 正興咖啡館.


The highlight of walking along the streets in Tainan is discovering all the new life breathed into old spaces. Zhengxing Cafe (正興咖啡館) is a great example (red brick walls and vintage tiles!); the rest of the building has been turned into a guest house, quite a charming choice for travelers.






Negative0-09-5A(1)Kodak ProFoto XL 100, Pentax K1000