This year we went to a new spot for hanami (flower viewing in Japanese) and saw the darkest cherry blossoms we’ve every seen. I’m glad we have our ‘flower viewing’ tradition every year, maybe we should bring it to Japan or Korea one of these days.




Negative0-10-8A(1)1Konica Centuria Super 400 (expired), Minolta SR-T 101

The February Numbers.


– took a long fourteen days off work and did nothing but eat, sleep, read, watch TV, take photographs
– received twenty-six red envelopes from my elders as wishes for the new year
– ate three enormous dinners with my extended family
– met three brand new babies and reunited with two toddlers
– spent an amazing time with four of my oldest friends in the world
– developed three rolls of film, another three waiting to go to the lab, two more in cameras (unfortunately, I forgot to load a black and white in February)
– went to the gym five times (blaming it on the lunar new year holidays, will do much better in March!)


Negative0-26-24(1)1Kodak ColorPlus 200, Olympus Mju II

Pink Jewels.


We didn’t make any plans to go see cherry blossom trees back in Spring – the rain has been terribly excessive this year and that has made it hard for the flowers to stay on the trees. I did walk past this lonesome tree on one my walks, though, and I marveled at the pink jewels for a bit before I moved on.


Negative0-19-17A(1)Solution VX 200 (expired), Canon FTb