Canon Demi.

As tradition would have it, my first post on a newly acquired camera would feature its test roll. This one, however, comes with photographs from two such rolls. I completely underestimated how much light the Canon Demi’s 28mm f/2.8 lens would let in and having mostly shot wide open throughout the first roll, the usually laid-back Agfacolor 200 came back furiously over-exposed.

The results were also clear on one thing: I was and always am going to have a hard time with zone focusing.

The second test roll was shot on the always reliable Fujicolor 100. Exposure appears to no longer be a problem but I would have to keep trying with the zone focus system.

One of the reasons I let go of my Superheadz Golden Half, a long time ago, was to make way for another half frame camera but vintage. To be quite honest, at this point the Canon Demi is not proving to produce image quality much higher than the toy camera. After all, it costs only a quarter of a working Canon Demi EE 17, a far superior successor. I am however determined to figure this camera out;  the challenge to make satisfactory photographs with it has kept me rather engaged. There is a roll of black and white film in it right now and I do look forward to see how that turns out.

Agfacolor 200 (expired), Canon Demi
Fujicolor 100 (expired), Canon Demi