Smiling Day.

Fujifilm 400 NPH (expired), Canon FTb

Trying to keep my spirits up today – I’ve been losing a few things recently. First it was my lens cap for the Yashica, and then my bank card disappeared into thin air last week. Today I brought my Canon FTb out, took a few pictures with it and realized over dim sum that my film advance lever was gone. The horror! I knew it had been a little loose when I first received it but did not realize that it would simply fall off without warning. Hopefully the camera shop I’m bringing it to has spare parts to help fix it. I hope you are having a luckier day! :)

Café Lumière / 光點珈琲時光.

Two weekends ago, I spent an afternoon at Café Lumière (named after this film) located on the first floor of the local indie theatre, SPOT-Taipei film house. It was some glorious me-time working on my granny square afghan and enjoying the cafe’s handmade cookies and rose-flavored latte.

Fujifilm 400 NPH (expired), Canon FTb

I hope you had a Happy Halloween.

We don’t celebrate Halloween the big way (parties and trick-or-treating) here in Taiwan but you do see seasonal decorations up in many restaurants and cafes, just for the fun of it. These are taken with my newly acquired Canon FTb and let’s just say I have a lot to learn about aperture and shutter speed, especially since I’m using the camera without metering.

A little more than half of my pictures came out very underexposed – but now I know how to avoid that, nothing comes close to learning after mistakes. I’m really happy with those that did turn out and very excited about what this little old camera can do!

Fujifilm 400 NPH (expired), Canon FTb