#365project on Film / 001 to 014.

001 / I actually never noticed that my bathroom windows came with traditional patterned glass until my friend Evelyn pointed it out.

002 / Morning toasts; I like them slightly burnt.

003 / The cutest tea infuser.

004 / Cold brew latte left overnight in the fridge, ready to be enjoyed.

005 / When in doubt, take a photo of your (convenience store, microwaved) lunch.

006 / I made my our favorite Javanese curry for lunch on this rainy day, before we went to check out a film photography market and then a cafe.

007 / Origami a Norwegian housemate left for us.

008 / Hanging above the door of my work room (front view here).

009 / Noticing the little things again, thanks to the #365project.

010 / New table notepad I picked up the night before.

011 / Yes, another batch of expired films.

012 / Fabric patterns.

013 / This day was the coldest yet, and we comforted ourselves with chicken soup and staying in.

014 / What I bring with me to work at coffee shops.

Kodak Ektar 100 (expired), Canon FTb
Fujifilm 400 NPH (expired), Minolta SR-T 101

Smiling Day.

Fujifilm 400 NPH (expired), Canon FTb

Trying to keep my spirits up today – I’ve been losing a few things recently. First it was my lens cap for the Yashica, and then my bank card disappeared into thin air last week. Today I brought my Canon FTb out, took a few pictures with it and realized over dim sum that my film advance lever was gone. The horror! I knew it had been a little loose when I first received it but did not realize that it would simply fall off without warning. Hopefully the camera shop I’m bringing it to has spare parts to help fix it. I hope you are having a luckier day! :)

Café Lumière / 光點珈琲時光.

Two weekends ago, I spent an afternoon at Café Lumière (named after this film) located on the first floor of the local indie theatre, SPOT-Taipei film house. It was some glorious me-time working on my granny square afghan and enjoying the cafe’s handmade cookies and rose-flavored latte.

Fujifilm 400 NPH (expired), Canon FTb