The Secret Life of Water.

Negative0-24-23(1)5Fujicolor 100 (expired), Minolta SR-T 101

If you feel yourself feeling down, overwhelmed by the daily grind, or offended by an unkind word or act, then I suggest you try something: simply look at water. Walk to the edge of a nearby pond or stream and cast your eyes on gentle waves reflecting the sun. If it’s raining, find a puddle and watch the raindrops make rings that appear and disappear. Or while you are washing dishes at the sink, gaze at the geometric creations made as the light from the window mingles with water cascading downwards.

I recommend this because you will discover that water takes you to another world where you will feel the water within being washed clean; you will be able to return to who you really are. You have just forgotten for a while that you are water.The Secret Life of Water, Masaru Emoto