Happy Weekend.

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At the beginning of November I was in the book store and chanced upon Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project – intrigued but not convinced that it was a book I’d like to own, I reserved a copy from the city library instead. If you knew me in real life, it wouldn’t escape you that I am the kind of person who never, ever browses self-help books, let alone read one, but The Happiness Project, although at first glance would fall under that genre, it is in so many ways, at least for me, much more helpful than the majority of self-help books out there.

I’m not trying to write a review here – I just wanted to say that ever since I picked up the book I’ve begun, almost immediately, a journey of getting rid of negativity that has been lingering and accumulating in my life. A life that is, to be very honest, not unhappy at all – like the author says of her own – but one that has potential to be much happier. Gretchen Rubin is brutally honest about herself as she embarks on her happiness project, the kind of honest that I know I sometimes try to avoid because it makes things easier; but to see them in written words, the exact same thoughts I’ve had and failed to admit, it has struck me that I want to embrace that honesty, and that I want to welcome the positive change that comes with it.

The best part about her writing is that while she is sharing her ways of becoming a happier person, the reader is not led to follow her foot steps but instead influenced by the sentiments behind her purpose. I found myself immediately inspired and came up with personal ways that fit into my lifestyle to be become my own version of a happier person.

I am half-way through the book and taking my sweet time with it, perhaps I’ll get through a few more chapters over the weekend but I like taking it slow with this book. Happy weekend, everyone! :)