The Scenery of Being Alone.

Last November I went away to Tokyo for the better part of a week by myself. The truth was my partner did not have time but I also really wanted to travel alone, something I have not done, ever.

Time passed slowly enough for me to stop and look whenever I wanted; and time passed quickly enough for me to never want the week to end. Tokyo is a great city for traveling solo – it’s safe, convenient, and bursting with possibilities. Even after having visited three times I still haven’t gotten around to seeing everything I want to, but I will, eventually.

Agfa Vista Plus 200 (expired), Minolta SR-T 101

A Photo An Hour / 15.

9AM, my favorite spread on toast recently. 

10AM, I used to hate doing laundry but I don’t mind them as much these days.

11AM, warm sunlight on a winter morning is the best.

12PM, walking.

1PM, I walk past this cobbler often.

2PM, quick lunch today.

3PM, I don’t work on the sofa often but when I do, Bobbi always joins me.

4PM, preparing to go to the post office.

5PM, as seen in an alleyway.

6PM, picking up developed film from the lab.

7PM, comfort food for dinner.

8PM, dessert, as always. (Chocolate and sesame cream puffs, in case you were wondering.)

Kodak ColorPlus 200 (expired), Canon FTb