Around The World in Analogue.

Negative0-37-35A(1)xFujicolor 100 (expired), Pentax K1000

I’ve just returned from a short trip to Taitung (east of Taiwan) and very soon will be on my way to spend a week in Seoul, Korea – hopefully I’ll get to share photographs of my own travels soon. In the mean time, here are my favorites for the past month:

– Nadeem Karim: Wales, United Kingdom
– half girl: Copenhagen, Denmark
– luxaeterna: Okinawa, Japan
– 愛麗絲的幸福天地: Massachusetts, United States
– Wandering Tung: Taipei, Taiwan

Around The World in Analogue.

Negative0-12-9A(1)Efiniti UXi Super 200, Canon FTb

I am rather sad that we are at the end of October but here’s hoping November inherited the brilliant weather we’ve enjoyed so much. This month’s wonderful film photography that I hope you enjoy as much as I did:

– grewlegs: Boracay, the Philippines
– fixmycamera: Hamburg, Germany
– aprons and birds: Argentina
– Aramar: Berlengas, Portugal 
– oh shoot!: Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

Around The World in Analogue.

Negative0-05-05(1)Perutz Primera Color 400 (expired), Canon FTb

The weather has finally turned and everyday the cool wind beckons me to be outside. The never-ending wanderlust is continuously fueled by these amazing places photographed by these amazing bloggers, on film:

– fieldguided: Niagara Falls, Canada
– * Angie 的影像情書: Taipei, Taiwan
– Stop by the corner: Arles, France
– the present is.: Heyri Art Village, Korea
– MY HARU: Paris, France
– unexpected light: Utrecht, Netherlands

Around The World in Analogue.

Negative0-25-25(1)Fujicolor Industrial 100 業務記錄用 (expired), Canon FTb

The August Break was too good for me, I literally went days without opening up this blog. I just hope I can ease into the routine of blogging daily again! In the mean time, I’d like to share with you some links to a few posts that caught my eyes and then my wanderlusting heart:

– Silver 。TravelLife: Lyndoch Lavender Farm, Australia
– National Film Board of Canada: Banff, Canada via Shooting Film
– Times they are a-changin’: Sao Paulo, Brazil
– Sleepwalking in Tokyo: Penang, Malaysia

Around The World in Analogue.

Negative0-27-27(1)2Konica Centuria Super 400 (expired), Pentax K1000

This past month, I went to so many beautiful places through the eyes of these wonderful photographers:

– AsuraBalbalta: Bali, Indonesia
– In search of…: Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan
– mitošinkovie: Budapest, Hungary
– PAPERPLAN: alexthecoffee, Seoul, Korea
– Click*: Skagen, Denmark
– tales on film: North Somerset, England
– f r a u s i e b e n: Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Tomorrow marks the start of another August Break! I’ll be joining in as I have for the last three years and will be taking a break from The Weekend Lists and the As Seen in An Alleyway series for the month of August – very excited to be part of this inspiring project again, do let me know if you’re going to take part as well!