A Photo An Hour / 10.

Negative0-29-27(1)9AM, looks like it’s going to be a nice warm day.

Negative0-30-28(1)10AM, on the bus to Taichung for a meeting. 

Negative0-31-29(1)11AM, in between naps. 

Negative0-32-30(1)12PM, blue skies in Taichung!

Negative0-33-31(1)1PM, meeting ends early and so I head to a coffee shop in my pocket list. Admiring vintage type (this is a sign of a paper called Pacific News) on my way.

Negative0-27-25(1)2PM, my nest for the next hour.

Negative0-12-10(1)23PM, one proud and beautiful cactus flower I meet on my way to the bus station. 

Negative0-14-12(1)24PM, late afternoon light keeps me from dozing off on the bus. 


Negative0-17-15(1)25PM, scenes from a bus.

Negative0-16-14(1)26PM, we’re in Taipei again. 

Negative0-18-16(1)27PM, off to the photo lab!

Fujicolor C200 (expired), Minolta SR-T 101
Konica Centuria Super 400 (expired), Minolta SR-T 101
Fujicolor C200 (expired), Olympus Mju II

A Photo An Hour / 09.


Negative0-29-29(1)10AM, my typical start to the day for the last three weeks is a meet-and-greet with Bobbi (she now sleeps in her very own collapsible carrier tent instead of this plastic cage we borrowed from a friend). 

Negative0-31-31(1)11AM, cereal and muesli in soy milk, a new favorite pre-lunch snack. 

Negative0-32-32(1)12PM, putting together our new dining table set

Negative0-33-33(1)1PM, so many kinds of teas and juices to choose from. 

Negative0-34-34(1)2PM, two chairs down and taking a break with iced coffee from my supermarket run. 

Negative0-35-35(1)3PM, still going!

Negative0-37-37(1)4PM, waiting for her second meal of the day. 

Negative0-38-38(1)5PM, admiring Nina’s art. 

Negative0-03-01(1)26PM, it’s starting to rain – can you see the rain drops on the lens of my camera?


Negative0-06-04(1)27PM, waiting for our dinner to be served.

Negative0-07-05(1)28PM, the rain shows no sign of stopping.

Negative0-08-06(1)29PM, dessert time. :)

Fujicolor C200 (expired), Olympus Mju II

A Photo An Hour / 08.

Negative0-03-03(1)11AM, admiring the morning light.

Negative0-04-04(1)12PM, a snack before lunch.

Negative0-05-05(1)1PM, looking up at the beautiful orange cotton tree flowers on my way to pick up some lunch. 

Negative0-06-06(1)2PM, looking wistfully at some train ticket stubs, wishing I was on a train adventure.

Negative0-09-09(1)3PM, new buttons to add to the shop.

Negative0-12-12(1)4PM, a different perspective.

Negative0-07-07(1)5PM, thinking about turning 30 in a couple of months.


Negative0-14-14(1)6PM, decided on beef noodles in tomato soup.

Negative0-15-15(1)7PM, picking out dessert (berry yogurt ice-cream). 

Negative0-16-16(1)8PM, I really like working at night! 

Fujicolor C200 (expired), Olympus Mju II

A Photo An Hour / 07.

Negative0-24-24(1)111AM, finally shorts weather has arrived!

Negative0-25-25(1)112PM, catching up on blogs on my phone.

Negative0-26-26(1)11PM, sweet potatoes for lunch, doing some detoxing recently due to a small breakout of pimples on my forehead!

Negative0-27-27(1)12PM, working with a smiley face.

Negative0-28-28(1)13PM, juice time (orange for vitamin C).

Negative0-29-29(1)14PM, I prefer fans to air-condition. 

Negative0-30-30(1)15PM, early dinner with lots of fruits. 

Negative0-31-31(1)16PM, still working with Korea drama. 

Negative0-32-32(1)17PM, my updated skin care regime, which I never gave a hoot about before my breakout. 

Ilford Pan 100, Minolta SR-T 101

A Photo An Hour / 06.

Negative0-21-21(1)111AM, the Chinese character for “spring” on red paper, puts me into a happy mood.

Negative0-23-23(1)112PM, on my way to the post office. 


Negative0-26-26(1)11PM, brunch for lunch!

Negative0-28-28(1)12PM, taking portraits in yet another alleyway.

Negative0-31-31(1)13PM, at the famous Longshan temple to light a lantern for good fortune in the coming year (or in my case, to avoid misfortune – it has something to do with the year I was born in).

Negative0-32-32(1)14PM, working!

Negative0-33-33(1)15PM, recently found this book I had forgotten I owned.

Negative0-34-34(1)16PM, flash and flowers… not really a good combination, taken on the way to the gym.


Negative0-36-36(1)18PM, dinner and dessert of the day (a tub of Belgian chocolate ice cream not actually shown in this photograph).

Ferrania Solaris 400 (expired), Olympus Mju II