#365project on Film / 015 to 028.

015 / Light and shadows are everything.

016 / I hope you don’t judge me for not leaving the house in cold weather and basically taking photographs in the same spot two days in a row.

017 / This is what I see at my door step almost everyday.

018 / Finally, blue skies.

019 / I like to wear rain boots even when it’s not raining.

020 / Weekends are for coffee and cake.

021 / I almost forgot to take a picture today.

022 / The shop where you can get anything.

023 / Leftovers from my flower arrangement class.

024 / I’ll take all the blue skies I can.

025 / Winter staples.

026 / Always looking out for pretty things.

027 / As seen in an alleyway.

028 / Hello.

Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 (expired), Olympus Mju II
Konica Centuria Super 400 (expired),Vivitar 220/SL

4 comments on “#365project on Film / 015 to 028.

  1. Loving these snapshots! I’m itching to spend more time outdoors with my film camera as well, but it’s been snowing and raining here so I have to wait for spring.

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