#365project on Film / 001 to 014.

001 / I actually never noticed that my bathroom windows came with traditional patterned glass until my friend Evelyn pointed it out.

002 / Morning toasts; I like them slightly burnt.

003 / The cutest tea infuser.

004 / Cold brew latte left overnight in the fridge, ready to be enjoyed.

005 / When in doubt, take a photo of your (convenience store, microwaved) lunch.

006 / I made my our favorite Javanese curry for lunch on this rainy day, before we went to check out a film photography market and then a cafe.

007 / Origami a Norwegian housemate left for us.

008 / Hanging above the door of my work room (front view here).

009 / Noticing the little things again, thanks to the #365project.

010 / New table notepad I picked up the night before.

011 / Yes, another batch of expired films.

012 / Fabric patterns.

013 / This day was the coldest yet, and we comforted ourselves with chicken soup and staying in.

014 / What I bring with me to work at coffee shops.

Kodak Ektar 100 (expired), Canon FTb
Fujifilm 400 NPH (expired), Minolta SR-T 101

2 comments on “#365project on Film / 001 to 014.

  1. Hi Katie, looking at your pictures now for quite a long time, I would like to encourage you to continue as you did before. I believe the pictures of your every day life are just great and inspiring. They tell me to look for the small things which make our life’s great and happy. Also the expired film gives them a very unique touch, aesthetics and I just enjoy very much the colors. Take care.

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