The November Numbers.


– went to the gym four times (I admit I was lazy and distracted…)
– finished two rolls of film (mostly during my week abroad)
– spent seven hours over two days in a class learning how to make an embroidered gamaguchi purse
– bought six kinds of instant ramen and three kinds of chilli sauce from Singapore and Malaysia
– visited four new cafes :)

Negative0-35-35(1)2Adox Color Implosion, Canon FTb

3 comments on “The November Numbers.

  1. I never knew those purses were called gamaguchi purses. Learn something new everyday! :)

    Did you finish the ramen already? Hehe.

  2. Hello Katie!
    I haven’t visited you blog in a while, there are so many great new photos! :)
    I also used Color implosion a couple of times, but never got such nice effects,
    my pictures were always too grainy.

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