A Photo An Hour / 12.

Negative0-15-13(1)310AM, same morning ritual now matter where we move to. 

Negative0-16-14(1)311AM, company at work. 

Negative0-17-15(1)312PM, someone’s doing laundry outside my work space window, 

Negative0-13-11(1)31PM, couch time with the TV on during and after lunch. 

Negative0-18-16(1)32PM, light in the living room.

Negative0-20-18(1)33PM, forced to pose, haha!

Negative0-39-36A(1)34PM, well, almost 4PM.

Negative0-30-28(1)35PM, working in a new room, surrounded by familiar things. 

Negative0-31-29(1)36PM, the days last so much longer in the summer. 

Negative0-28-26(1)37PM, we cook a lot more now that we have a fully-equipped kitchen.

Kodak UltraMax 400 (expired), Pentax K1000

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