The June Numbers.


– turned thirty!
– went to the gym eight times
– finished and developed two rolls of film, one of which is black and white
– moved into our new three-bedroom apartment, one of which we rent to four girls studying Mandarin in the university just across the street
– sold three single beds, three mattresses
– bought one double bed, one stove, one microwave oven, one side table, one shoe bench, one printer, two shelves
– won one-thousand and five hundred Taiwan dollars from a scratchcard my partner’s mother gave me for my birthday!
– booked our summer trip to Japan in July and we’ll be staying in three hotels and one Airbnb apartment!




Negative0-23-23(1)Adox Color Implosion, Pentax K1000

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  1. My gosh, what a filled month! Belated happy birthday to you, Katie :) Happy for how everything is always turning quite well for you (at least from where I see it :D), plus that Japan trip! Oh my, I’m SO jealous </3 Haha :D

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