Summer is Here.


Today was hot – the kind of hot that forces you to leave the air-condition on the whole damn day and every time you try to switch it off you stop being able to breathe. The city is on fire in a terrible way.

Negative0-20-18A(1)Lomography CN 100, Vivitar 220/SL

6 comments on “Summer is Here.

  1. Wow. Probably the same heatwave that’s been roasting India. At least you guys have electricity for air conditioning :)

    1. Back in May/June there were news of heatwaves everywhere! When I visited Japan in July it was even more cruel than anything I’ve described in here. WE ARE DOOMED.

  2. i don’t have air conditioner -. when very hot, i sleep in the terrace ahaha.

    but i love summer, even if sometimes feels like hell :)

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