A Photo An Hour / 09.


Negative0-29-29(1)10AM, my typical start to the day for the last three weeks is a meet-and-greet with Bobbi (she now sleeps in her very own collapsible carrier tent instead of this plastic cage we borrowed from a friend). 

Negative0-31-31(1)11AM, cereal and muesli in soy milk, a new favorite pre-lunch snack. 

Negative0-32-32(1)12PM, putting together our new dining table set

Negative0-33-33(1)1PM, so many kinds of teas and juices to choose from. 

Negative0-34-34(1)2PM, two chairs down and taking a break with iced coffee from my supermarket run. 

Negative0-35-35(1)3PM, still going!

Negative0-37-37(1)4PM, waiting for her second meal of the day. 

Negative0-38-38(1)5PM, admiring Nina’s art. 

Negative0-03-01(1)26PM, it’s starting to rain – can you see the rain drops on the lens of my camera?


Negative0-06-04(1)27PM, waiting for our dinner to be served.

Negative0-07-05(1)28PM, the rain shows no sign of stopping.

Negative0-08-06(1)29PM, dessert time. :)

Fujicolor C200 (expired), Olympus Mju II

9 comments on “A Photo An Hour / 09.

    1. If I did take photographs for this series everyday I think even I would get tired of myself but thank you for the sentiment, Diogo! :)

  1. i like my cereal with yogurt drink because i dont drink milk haha, might try with soy milk next time! wow i admire girls who are able to consume cold drinks on a rainy day!

    1. You don’t drink anything cold when it rains? When it’s not winter, even rainy days can be very warm, it’s so humid in Taiwan!

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