Happy Hearts.


I went to a photography supplies shop for some film the other day and picked up their business card in the form of a heart-shape bokeh filter – a very clever thing to give away, don’t you think? I immediately set out to make hearts out of every light I saw and they are quite the appropriate pictures to accompany me saying Happy Valentine’s Day to you.


Negative0-33-33(1)Ilford Pan 100, Minolta SR-T 101

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  1. hope you had wonderful lovely valentine day, my dear Katie :)

    (mine was weird but somehow made sense in all this madness around me)

    p.s hope you get my letter soon

    1. I hope weird means that it wasn’t actually bad.. ♥♥♥

      P.S. I too hope I get your letter soon but the post office is going on lunar new year break so probably after that. :)

      1. thank you :)
        sorry for such a comment spam. I haven’t visited any ones blog since more than a month. so there were just so many lovely posts and i had to comment on each and everyone. I am sure other girls are handling my comment spam too. have a lovely evening. <3

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