Zhongxin Market in Taichung / 台中 中信市場.


These are terrible photographs of a great place from my first roll of slide film, taken in Taichung. Zhongxin Market (中信市場) used to be a traditional market but was slowly taken over by young creatives who began to open businesses like antique shops, galleries, book stores and theatres. I am not exactly sure if I was there too early or too late but the place was very quiet (possibly I was there on a Monday on which nothing ever opens).





Kodak Elite Chrome 100, Vivitar 220/SL

10 comments on “Zhongxin Market in Taichung / 台中 中信市場.

  1. Slide film is unforgiving. You have to nail the exposure 100% or nothing :)
    I’m too scared to use it. If you manage to get it right though, the colours are incredible.

    1. Totally… also, I prefer to think that Darkness is unforgiving, where there’s light there’s a way. :) Even when I listen to advice that says “use slide film in cameras with auto settings”, I find that I am seldom happy with the results. Need to try again!

  2. This definitely means you have to give another try. When all the conditions are there, slide film is so beautiful! Oh and by the way, Happy New Year Katie! :)

    1. Happy new year Inês! I haven’t had the best experience with slide film (but I think it has something to do with not paying for more expensive development and scanning) – I will keep trying though! :)

  3. I’ve never used slide film, so I’m definitely not an expert on it. I hope you’re able to have better luck in the future! Isn’t it strange, too, how some businesses will be really slow on days you expect them to be busy? When I was on vacation with my friends, there was one town whose businesses were all closed on a TUESDAY. It was difficult to find a place to eat!

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