The January Numbers.


– visited one brand new baby, little Samuel (as photographed here with his beautiful mama).
– went to the gym ten times, really need to up that number!
– developed five rolls of films, four of which I used for the first time, two of which were black and white
– checked out four books from the library, all on watercolor painting
– took one trip out of Taipei (to Yilan), really need to up this number too!
– sent out five letters via snail mail
– cooked our own food three times (we are so bad at eating in)

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with how the first month of 2015 went. How was your January? I hope it was real good and that February is going to be even better.

Negative0-18-18(1)Ilford Pan 100, Minolta SR-T 101

12 comments on “The January Numbers.

  1. 10 times to the gym sounds good! that’s like twice a week! What do you usually do there? and its hard to want to eat in when you are surrounded with so many food choices nearby….. :D

    can’t wait to finally see you <3

    1. But I want to go least 12 to 14 a month… it’s easy to get lazy about it! Step machine and tread mill and then a hot spa treat :)

      Can’t wait to see you too my dear ♥

  2. ive been itching to get my hands on some black and white film! i need to order some soon! id say 10 times at the gym is quite impressive im so lazy haha

    1. Black and white is always a hassle to finish up because I always think certain things will “look better” in color but that’s not true at all! Go get yourself some bnw film right away! :)

  3. My January is filled with work. Not being able to shoot as I’d like to is what stresses me most haha. I’m always hopeful for the new month. Great number list, Katie :)

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