A Photo An Hour / 01.

Konica Centuria Super 40Negative0-16-15(1)411AM, starting the day with my Vitamin B pill.

As 2014 came to an end, I began to think about possible blog series ideas that will take over The Weekend List to continue keeping a space on this blog for more personal posts. Eventually I decided to give the A Photo An Hour challenge a go – first because I find myself using film cameras less and less for the everyday (it’s so easy to turn to Instagram); second because I generally take less and less photographs of the everyday, even if you count the digital ones, and I really want to go back into the habit of feeling that every small moment counts.

I have reservations about how long I can keep this series going on because my first attempt was so hard. After you shoot film for some time, you can envision how the photographs will turn out. Many times during the process of taking photos for this series I find myself rejecting subjects for being too plain, too ugly, too boring. I had to keep reminding myself that pretty photographs are not the point and not only pretty moments are worth keeping. So here goes, the very first installment of A Photo An Hour (or maybe two), hopefully being brought to you at least bi-weekly.

Negative0-18-17(1)512PM, picked up dry-cleaning.

Negative0-19-18(1)41PM, making our way to lunch.

Negative0-20-19(1)52PM, treating ourselves to a buffet lunch for no reason.

Negative0-21-20(1)53PM, post-lunch walk around the mall, thinking about how long the Christmas decorations will stay up.

Negative0-22-21(1)44PM, shopping at Nitori.

Negative0-23-22(1)45PM, shopping at Ikea. 

Negative0-24-23(1)46PM, heading out to gym.

Negative0-25-24(1)4Almost 8PM, unhealthy but delicious snack after gym. 

Konica Centuria Super 400 (expired), Vivitar 220/SL

25 comments on “A Photo An Hour / 01.

  1. I admire your continuity on series, Katie. I was looking at the photos and the hours, and I kept thinking how hard this is, but also how special the photos will be as weeks progress.

    Something to look forward again in your blog! I will miss The Weekend List though :’)

    1. Well, one of my new year’s resolutions is to take up new challenges, haha! Thank you for your kind words, April, I really hope that it will become more “natural” to document my days this way as time passes.

  2. I have been meaning to do this kind of post for like forever. I have it slated for one day in January but I am not sure if I will be able to tackle it! I love your interpretation!

  3. I have thought so many times about doing the “a photo an hour” thing, but I’ve never really tried it. I love that you do it on film! So challenging!

    1. Thank you! I was always “thinking” about it but it’s so much easier to decide that “today’s not the day”! Let’s hope I find the strength to keep going, haha!

  4. It’s a great way to document your daily life by the hour. The subjects may not always be fascinating, but it’s usually these small moments of our lives that we tend to overlook sometimes. If we can look at a photograph and remember how we felt at that time, even if it’s just a minute or thirty seconds, it’s still a wonderful feeling. So it’s nice, really, to see this series from you. :)

    1. You said it so well, Tammy, which is why I will try my very best to keep it going, I do have the lifestyle that gives me plenty of time to try! :) Also, I got your beautiful, beautiful postcard in the mail, thank you so much! :) :) :)

  5. Ah I have the same problem with photo-an-hour. If it isn’t pretty I feel silly taking a photo of it. Still I think it is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing more of these!

    1. Thank you so much silvia – I’ve wanted to do this series forever but only found the determination lately. I am really hoping to find special moments in the ordinary! :)

  6. “I find myself using film cameras less and less for the everyday”
    “I generally take less and less photographs of the everyday, even if you count the digital ones”
    It’s the same sad story for me!

    I tried this challenge a few years ago but i failed… Maybe I should try again!

    Your blog is always the best <3

  7. Just saw this series now! I do hope you continue doing this. This is actually helpful and encouraging to take more photos everyday. And taking it using film. I hope I’d be able to shoot like this continuously. :3

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