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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Katie!

    Thank you for your reply to my previous question, and don’t worry about that project thing. I’d be glad if you could join in, but really there is no pressure. I am also thinking of starting my own small business, so you are truly an inspiration to me. :)

    1. That’s very exciting! I hope we get to hear more about your new business soon, I’ll be happy to spread the word. Enjoy the last few days of 2014!

  2. Hi Katie, thank you for being so nice! I have had this idea in my mind for a period of time, but practically it still takes some time. Lots of things need to be taken care of before that, and I can’t walk away from my current job, yet. But, If I made it I’d definitely share the good news with you (ha!). Hope your business prosper and thrive… :)

    1. You know, I actually started my small business back in college… in a way I feel that that was the best thing I’ve ever done because reality is such that it is hard to leave a “real” job. But it also means it is hard for me to now go into a real job.. haha. In any case, it is most important to be in a job you truly love and can be proud of so I only wish you the best! :)

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