13 comments on “A Green Walk.

    1. I didn’t really expect the photographs to blend into one another so well.. :) I felt like I discovered a different world myself when I was taking a walk at this tiny neighborhood. :) Glad you enjoy them, Nadeem.

    1. Thank you so much for such kind words, Thais. I think when there is a desire for beauty and wonder to exist in a simple life, we make ourselves look for it.

  1. 好棒的綠色集合啊~~我也超喜歡自然的~~
    注意到你好像有用過期底片的習慣 :)))

    1. Dear Angie, 謝謝你喜歡這些照片!有時候一段小散步會發現自己常常只被綠色的美景吸引,哈哈 :)

      平常很愛買過期底片,經濟實惠,而且顏色往往更貼近我喜歡的,美麗的巧合而已 :)

      P.S. Twitter的訊息我有收到了,比較不忙的時候一定會參加,謝謝你的邀請!我也很常在想台灣怎麼沒有類似的project,但可惜自己太懶了,很期待它的展開!

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