The Weekend List / 40.

Negative0-05-2A(1)2Ferrania Solaris 100 (expired), Olympus Mju II

I was speaking to a few guests at the hostel about hopes and dreams and I thought I might share with you a few things I’ve dreamed of doing (things I’ve never really made an effort to make them happen which means they probably will not happen but still, life holds so much possibility that I could never say never):

– publish a book (the dream used to be poetry, but now it’s probably more of photography)
– adopt a child
– do volunteer work
– go to graduate school
– learn to play the piano
– open my own handmade brick-and-mortar shop
– work on a cruise

What do you have on your Dreams-That-Might-or-Might-Not-Happen list?

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  1. Life let’s is dream and as we live we can step by step see at least some things come true. I think all the things on your list sounds like reasonable dreams and I believe you will see at least some of them come true!
    One of my biggest dreams from the last two years are little by little coming true right now. It’s not entirely here yet, but soon … (It’s a dream about somewhere I want to go)

  2. – Publish a book
    – Own a brick and mortar shop
    – Be more effective in the languages I know
    – Own a vegetable farm
    – Live close to nature
    – Sing in a band
    – Learn to play the keyboard or guitar
    – Do a split and somersault

    P.s. that photo is a postcard!

    1. LOL split and somersault! That’s a fun dream to try to achieve, don’t you think? I almost added “live by the sea” to the list but I intend to make that happen so it’s not really that much of a dream hahaha.

  3. I have been wanting to publish a book too.. I always have this idea floating around my head.. one is making a regular posts I do called Letters to Piri and turning it into a book.. a collection of pictures and photos.. or writing a children’s book about Piri and his imaginary pal, russian dog. we made him up when both my husband and i were working long hours and we thought he would keep piri company and they would go on adventures together. :) the other is.. i want to open up a small shop.. an online shop is probably more do-able but i would love to do a combination of a bookshop, bakery/cafe and a place where people can bring their dogs and knit and buy yarn too :) thanks for letting me dream out loud~~

  4. Life works in funny ways so you might just be able to check off a couple of items on your list. :) If you open up a brick and mortar shop, I will be sure to visit if I am ever in Taiwan!

    I want to open up a mori-style or a zakka-style cafe with lots of coffee, tea, books and pastries. Plenty of natural lighting and seating. Above all it should the cafe should have a warm and welcoming feeling.

  5. The photo is just so right for this list. It’s lovely!

    – I would love to publish a book as well, poetry and photos.
    – Experience the whole word. Get to live in every parts of.
    – Have my own travel/photography show on NatGeo. (HAHAHA)
    – Travel the universe. Or atleast still be alive to see the discovery of another planet viable for living.

  6. – publish several books (written and photography ones)

    – have a mansion in the middle of Porto

    -learn how to do wet collodium portraits and have a big studio where i can take portraits a lot

    -have somebody in love with me

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