The Weekend List / 39.

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Pet peeves (sorry, it’s going to be a long list, I am easily annoyed):

– people who are rude to waiters/waitresses/cashiers
– people who cut lines (and retort when confronted!)
– children who let their grandparents carry their stuff
– children who wail in public
– parents who let their young children get away with everything
– drivers who don’t bother with turn signals
– people not saying thank you
– tall people in movie theaters sitting in front of me (sorry, tall people)
– women who use the bathroom for e-ter-ni-ty
– tangled straps/cords
– dropping things and then having to pick them up
– people who never smile with their teeth showing
– people who eat/drink other people’s stuff from a hostel fridge (!)
– beeping cellphones
– people who start looking for their wallets in their bags only after the cashier has bagged everything and already asking for payment (why can’t you take out your wallet to get ready when the cashier is ringing things up?!)
– restaurants that forget orders

I am fairly sure this is a non-exhaustive list of pet peeves – what are some of yours that you don’t see on this list?

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  1. – Parents reprimanding their children in public and are extremely loud about it
    – People who talk on their cell phones loudly on public transportation
    – Groups of people who take up the whole sidewalk
    – People who smoke while walking and everyone behind them has to inhale secondhand smoke
    – People who block the doorways on public transportation

    1. Groups of people who take up the whole sidewalk annoy me to no end. Actually, sometimes it only takes two people to take up the whole sidewalk. :(

      P.S. Did you receive my email with the tracking number for your package? Thanks again for the purchase! <3

  2. hahahahaha. Argh! All those are annoying to me too! Even the tall people in the cinema one :) I’m tall, but other people are not allowed to be hehe.

    – People that drop litter
    – People that put their feet up on seats in public transport [arrrgh!]
    – oh so many. I’ll stop now :)

  3. i agree with you in all of these things aha

    i add:

    – people who listen to music on their phones in subway/bus/street

    – people who go to the cinema and spend the all time talking or checking their phones

    – drivers on cars on rainy days that do not avoid big pots of water and spray people walking down the street

    – people who spit in the middle of the street

  4. oh my goodness! the wallet one made me crack up because i’m the same way! i always wondered why people don’t haven’t it out! i thought i was the only one who felt that way :)

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