The Weekend List / 36.

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As we get nearer to the end of the year there always seems to be lots of things to buy while we prepare for the cold weather, prepare for Christmas (we don’t even celebrate Christmas), prepare for the new year. I suppose no one really needs any reason to have a shopping list, right? Here’s my current one:

– new boots to break into before my Korea trip in December
– some rolls of cinema film to try (not the Lomography ones though, those are crazy expensive)
– lemons (weekly shopping list must-have)
– flowers (weekly shopping list must-have)
– a haircut and a new dye job
– new yarn to finish the baby blankets for my friends
– more Alice Munro books

What are some things on your current shopping list?

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  1. I have spent way too much money over the past few weeks. I’m afraid my shopping list for now will have to be limited: food and rolls of film – the essentials! ;-)
    Have a lovely weekend, Katie!

  2. New boots & wellies for winter

    More panties and bodies ( i’m addicted to underwear)

    Rolls of film


    <3 have a great weekend my dear!

  3. Like you, a new haircut. My highlights are slowly fading away. What dye color are you planning to do?

    Another thing on my list is a new Instax camera. I already have a mini 7s but there’s nothing with wanting an upgrade, right? ;)

    New boots and new black skinny jeans. They’re a staple.

    1. I have been planning for a deep red dye for last three times I have been to the salon but always, always talked out of it because they want me to be able to keep my colors longer. I think I might try to ask for it again this time! What about you?

      instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC???? :D

      1. The first time I got a honey brown and after that it has always been a burgundy or a bright red. I like how the bright red fades into a softer tone later.

        Yes, that’s the one I want but it’s so expensive! I might settle for a 50s while longing for the 90. Lol.

  4. I just crossed out some on my list: A second hand book, an air ticket to somewhere, flowers for the home.
    What I REALLY need now is a cheap haircut :D

  5. Films is a staple to my to-buy lists. And probably some new work clothes. <3

    And you're going to Korea. So jelous! Looking for your posts tho. <3

  6. I needed a new pair of sunnies and got a good pair last weekend! :) Now I need a pair of black jeans because I ripped my pair when I fell down a couple of weeks ago – luckily i wore jeans! A good winter coat. and like you, a haircut and dye job!

    Hope to see you in your new hairdo soon!

    xoxo <3

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