The Weekend List / 35.

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I am not really a picky eater but there are some things you couldn’t pay me to eat:

– guava
– grapefruit
– bitter melon
– shaomai (also known as shumai, siumai)
– baked beans
– foie gras
– uni (sea urchin)
– oysters (especially raw)
– bean sprouts
– shark fin soup

What are some things you would never eat?

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  1. Bitter melon! I understand you on that one. Also shark fin soup. I just don’t like how some sharks get killed just for their fin. It’s sad.

    I’m the type of person who will eat everything at least once, but strangely enough I am not a fan of two common things: eggplant and avocado. The textures of both just really bother me.

    1. I used to eat shark fin soup mindlessly as a child, it was just one of those things you eat at a Chinese dinner. After I grew up it just seemed so ridiculous to me that we kept eating something because it was s sign of prosperity that you are able to; and the worst thing was that I’m not even sure every time we ate it was even real shark fin soup!

      Oh my, dear Tammy, unfortunately I love both eggplant and avocado – I totally get that you’re bothered by the textures of these foods, though!

    1. Haha, I added in grapefruit – do you enjoy grapefruit? It just is the second most bitter thing I have ever eaten (after bitter melon)!

    1. Hahaha, I have eaten both chicken and pig feet and although I don’t necessarily love them, I have tried some that have been wonderfully cooked! Also, tried bugs once in China. I would actually eat it again if I went to China again.. hahaha!

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Jerry!

  2. . animals feet,eyes
    . we have a special plate here in Portugal called arroz de cabidela, that is rice with vinegar and chicken’s blood – i could never eat that ~~~~~

    1. Yeah, I think lima beans was one of my least favorite beans growing up. My mother kind of loved to cook it though! I feel you on beans, the only two kinds I would eat voluntarily are edamame and green bean (dessert soup)!

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