The Weekend List / 34.

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This week’s list is my contribution to the 20 Facts About Myself meme going on on Instagram, having been tagged by Aia:

– My immediate family is made up of my parents and a younger sister.
– I don’t like being the older sibling.
– I have known my oldest friends for 16 years, one of them for 19. They are very, very precious to me.
– I have darker skin than most girls and would never be what one would call “fair”.
– I kept diaries until before I graduated high school.
– I was embarrassed by the contents of my diaries when I reread them in my early twenties. I would still be embarrassed if I still had them.
– My major in university was Speech Communication, something often mistaken for Speech Therapy.
– If I could go back to school, I’d major in computer programming or photography.
– I can speak English, Mandarin, basic Korean, a little Japanese, Cantonese and Taiwanese.
– I really want to learn German and French.
– I really, really hate dropping things on the floor because I hate to have to pick them up.
– I have never had a nickname.
– My favorite movie genre is romantic comedy.
– My favorite sport is bowling (hahahahaha).
– I was born at noon on a summer day.
– My given name was actually meant for my paternal uncle’s child born less than a month before my birthday but he had a boy instead so the name was passed on to me.
– One of my favorite memories is my father teaching me how to send an SMS back in the day, when technology was still his thing instead of mine.
– I was painfully shy when I was a child. I don’t know what it feels like to be shy these days, haha!
– I want to watch the World Cup live one day (I’m looking at you, Russia 2018).
– I am truly happy with my life.

Tell me something about yourself! You don’t have to think of 20 things, I would be happy with two or three. :)

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  1. What a lovely list, Katie!
    You speak so many languages! Unfortunately, I can only say I speak three: Italian, English and Finnish – the latter one really not that well, I’m afraid.
    I suppose one thing I could say is that my nickname is Polly and my real name – the one on official documents, is Paola. A name that feels stranger to me though, since nobody has ever called me liked that in a very long time.
    Have a great weekend, Katie!

    1. But three is more than what a lot of people could ever think to speak in their lifetime, so yay to that! :) have a beautiful weekend too, Polly! ♥

  2. It always make me (my heart) smile whenever a person say that he/she is happy with life, because I think not everyone could say that.

    It’s always nice to get to know more about the little details of you, Katie :) Aia tagged me as well, so I’ll just save my answers for that (I’m still making a list!) :D

  3. so nice to know more things about you Katie^^
    I also love studying languages I have a French friend from college she taught me some simple words before but too bad I can’t remember a single thing now..haha

    1. It is so hard to master a language, especially if you do not have the constant environment to practice it in. I would love to know more about you too, Megu! ♥

  4. French is a beautiful language. If only we could speak it, right? It’s also on my list of languages to learn.

    I only have one interesting fact about me and that is my birth time. I was born at 11:59 PM. Made it into the world before the day was officially over. :)

    1. Also, I love the ferventness with which the French want you to speak their language! :D

      That’s interesting indeed but I am sure that is not the only interesting fact about you! :)

  5. Multi linguist! Wow! I always wanted to learn a different language, esp Japanese, altho I still couldn’t make time for it. I remember being painfully shy as well. My mom couldn’t even make me ask for napkin whenever we eat at a restaurant, and not because I’m lazy, I was just really really really shy. Hahaha! Good thing we outgrow that. Hahaha!

    1. Languages sure require a lot of time, I wish I could go back to lessons but I am so bad at managing time to make it work. I hope you get to do it some day though! :)

      I am soooo grateful that I have outgrown that shy phase, such a pain to care what people think about you all the time!

  6. I love the last one, we’re all should <3 I also tagged to do the challenge but I haven't finished it yet, I post 1 fact for 1 picture in my instagram :))

  7. – I learned to speak( and dreamin) english at the age of 4 because all the films on portuguese television had subtitles and i watched a lot of it

    – i wanted to be an archaeologist and i used to collect fossils from the hills in my hometown that many thousands of years ago was underwater (my mother threw away all of them arghhh)

    – i had this idea that all of my dolls and my mother porcelain figures would become alive at time so i used to talk to them

    – i eat more fruit a day that most people in a month

    – if there are no bananas in the house i will get out at any time and look for them or call friends to bring me one

    – i buy second hand books almost everyday

    – i dream of dancing with my true love one night and that this magical man will loose my hair braids and kiss my hair

    – i don’t know how to paint my toe nails or my hand nails with polish – it looks like a crime scene

    – i was terrified of crossing bridges when i was little because of some anime cartoon i saw about Marco Polo’s adventures were all the brigdes were made out of rope

    – i see cats before everybody sees them in the street ( my hand points, and there it is a cat – under a car, in a window ahaha)

    – i kissed the boy and i liked it

    -my favorite movie genre is also romantic comedy <3

    1. That is such sad news about your fossil collection! I think your curiosity and good eye and amazing story-telling would make you a great archaeologist, Sara. I love your list, truly!

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