The Weekend List / 33.

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For this week’s list, I thought I’d do something more light-hearted and share with you my celebrity crushes:

– John Gallagher, Jr. (does anyone watch The Newsroom? MAJOR NERD SWOON)
– Adam Brody (leftover love from The O.C.)
– Rachel Bilson (leftover love from The O.C. and still super cute in Hart of Dixe)
– Joseph Gordon Levitt
– Sandra Bullock
– Emma Stone
– Logan Lerman
– Tina Fey

This is one of the silliest lists I’ve made but I did have fun putting this together! Who are some of your celebrity crushes?

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  1. Gah! I love Tina Feyyy! She’s all kinds of awesome for me :”> I can see myself as Liz Lemon 10 years from now haha!

    My celebrity/girl crushes are:
    1. Jason Bateman
    2. Matt Bomer
    3. Zachary Levi
    4. Jessica Capshaw
    5. Laura Prepon

    This is such a fun list, Katie! :) :)

  2. Love the picture of the street artist!

    I have a rather long list (and most of them are not western) so I’ll just throw out a name most people would know: Emma Watson. She just seems really cool and level-headed for her age.

    1. Thanks, Tammy! :)

      I was kind of debating whether Emma Watson goes onto my list because I think she is HOT but not really a fan of her acting, hahaha! But yes, definitely cool and level-headed. I think most of the Harry Potter kids are like that.

  3. it is human and we can all relate :D

    – Ashton Kutcher

    – Matthew Gray Gubler ( Dr.Reid <3)

    – Pharell Williams

    – Ryan Gosling

    – Josh Hartnett

    – Ethan Hawke

    – Shannyn Sossamon

    – Rachel Weisz

    ahahahaha i have way to much celebrities crushes <3 could go on forever :D

      1. i love him in dead poets society as well and in Great Expectation with Gwineth Paltrow <3

        Forgot about Jude Law <3

        I could watch Criminal Minds all day long to see Mathew being smart :D

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