The Weekend List / 30.

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I would choose:

– scooters over cars
– letters over emails
– books over e-books
– sleep over breakfast
– wind over air-condition
– boots over any other kind of shoes
– flea markets over shopping malls
– sour over sweet
– ocean over mountains

What about you? Which would you choose?

19 comments on “The Weekend List / 30.

  1. Some of these are too hard for me to choose from; I could never decided between ocean and mountains, nor sleep and breakfast… can I have both? But I would definitely choose sweet over sour and summer shoes over boots – we get too much of boots in Finland!
    Happy weekend, dear Katie!

    1. If you can’t decide, you don’t have to! That’s the wonderful thing about life, isn’t it? I hope you had a great weekend too, Polly!

  2. – film over digital (photography) :)

    – Coffee over Tea
    – Audio over Video
    – Time over Money
    – Classic over Modern (car)
    – Cake over Ice cream
    – Cake over work
    – Cake over Tea
    – heck, Cake over Coffee :))

    1. Time over money indeed! But then maybe that’s because I’ve never had much money and always fought for my time. :)

      Not I sure I could choose cake over ice-cream, cake needs to BE WITH ice-cream! And I can’t believe cake trumps coffee. What!

  3. – Coffee over tea
    – letters over e-mails
    – summer over winter
    – flea markets over shopping malls
    – raw food over cooked food
    -kissing over not kissing (obsessed ahahahaha)

    1. Hahahaha, that totally made me laugh out loud – it’s amazing to be consumed by something good! Kissing over not kissing ANY DAY. ♥♥♥

        1. Hello crazy person who doesn’t sleep until 4am, let me add one more thing to my list:

          – Sara getting her kiss over Sara not getting her kiss yet

  4. – Coffee over alcohol
    – Tea over alcohol
    – Autumn over summer
    – Night over day
    – Writing over typing
    – Letters over e-mails
    – Noodles over rice (but I love rice balls haha)
    – Chopsticks over forks
    – Fruits over vegetables
    – Vegetables over meat
    …I think I have too many?

  5. I’ll agree with Polly: some things i can’t choose, ike oceans and mountains, sleep and breakfast, coffee and tea. other than that.

    – autumn over any other season
    – day over night (better to shoot, lol)
    – letters over emails, always
    – pie over cake
    – sweet over sour
    – chocolate over anything, haha
    – books over e-books
    – film photography over digital

    and that’s all I can think right now :)

  6. hmmm..

    -countryside over city
    -morning over night
    -sweet over savory (heheehe)
    -taking pictures over being in pictures
    -writing over reading (that was a tough one..)
    -lake over ocean
    -film over digital! ^.^
    -short hair over long hair

    this post really made me think!

    1. Haha, when I was younger I would definitely pick writing over reading.. but somehow I lost my mojo as I grew up and grew out of having melancholy feelings to write about and will now proudly choose reading over writing. :)

      And also very true: taking pictures over being in pictures. I feel like I carry more memories taking the pictures than being in them. That’s a good one!

  7. Going by your list,
    – scooters over cars-Yes
    – letters over emails-Yes
    – books over e-books-Yes
    – sleep over breakfast-Yes
    – wind over air-condition-Yes
    – boots over any other kind of shoes-Flats. i own just one pair of boots ,Dad’s old one.
    – flea markets over shopping malls- Yes
    – sour over sweet-Yes
    – ocean over mountains- Mountain!

  8. i want sour and sweet (bitter and spicy too), sleep and breakfast, mountain and ocean. and for scooter and car i can ride/drive neither; so can i choose chauffeur driven vehicles (so it can public transport)?
    for rest, same as yours.
    oh and last august when i went to amsterdam; our driver told us there are no malls but had flea-markets. :)

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