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  1. I’m trying to do the same, not craving for things, but sometimes, yes, the sneak up to you, these urges ;) . My list lately includes a short black t-shirt dress and magazines like Cereal, Smith Journal or Gentlewoman… I just can’t help myself!

  2. First swimsuit is great :) I don’t have my wishlist, beceause I can’t save my money :( When I have some savings I buy everything I can afford :D

    1. Haha, I don’t do a lot of impulsive shopping – my desires just run themselves out as long as I wait long enough. That’s the only way to save money, hahaha!

  3. Oh I love everything about your blog, Katie! All the series! :)
    Craving is a bad thing, but when I want, I want new cameras, new opportunities to photograph and most importantly – love.

  4. I’m using a Canoscan 9000F.:) I believe that is the most afforadable scanner that doesn’t compromise the results. But if you have a budget, maybe you can get an Epson V900? An Epson v600 I think is the counterpart of Canoscan 9000F, but much superior and a bit more expensive.:)

    1. Thank you for your suggestions, Aia! I will look into them.. for now the Canoscan 9000F looks like the only one I am able to buy online locally. I am actually quite afraid of making the purchase – it is not so much an investment of money than of time! How long does it take for you to scan a roll of 35mm film?

      1. Depends on the quality you want it to be scanned. The Canoscan 9000F can scan up to 4800 dpi. I only scan my films at 2400 dpi. I think it takes about 20-30 min of my time. :)

  5. Just learned about Plaubel Makina 67. Wow! A very handy medium format. Also being compared to Mamiya7. I’ve recently bought, like a few hours ago, a Kiev 60. Yay! Lets go medium format! :D

    1. I saw your Kiev 60 post! Gosh, medium format is like one huge dig into the pocket that I certainly am unable to justify right now. But your photographs are great and I look forward to seeing more! :)

      1. That Plaubel is so expensive but I would love to have one in the future. It looks so compact for a medium format. There are lots of MFs that aren’t that much expensive. I’m sure you’ll make great photos with one. :D

    1. Hi Bea! Thank you so much for the suggestion – I will definitely look into that. It’s great to find another film photography blogger :)

  6. I hope you do get the weekender bags! They’re so pretty. :)

    The only things I have on my wish list are washi tapes and a pair of black flats. Shoes to take me where I want to go and washi tapes to brighten up the pages of my planner aka life. :)

    1. So pretty and so heavy on the pocket! :D :D :D

      I always have to exercise great control at the stationery store, standing in front of the washi tapes, trying to decide how many is not overboard.. :)

  7. the cat is so cute it always captured all my attention!

    the bowls are so beautiful, loved them.

    about the scanner, I was thinking about the epson v600. the few searches I made all indicated them, but I didn’t look that much because I still don’t have the money. the good thing is that it works both 135 and 120, so if you’re thinking about medium format, it would be good. :)

    1. I think I might get those beautiful bowls for any friend who’s having a housewarming party next. :)

      Yes, I think if I bought one it would cater to both types of film, which would work great in the long run. It’s so hard to decide on one though!!

  8. The Plaubel Makina 67- WOW!
    And my list for now is pretty simple- a 4lr44 battery. i just cant seem to find it!
    And of course those pretty fabrics at ali baba.

    1. *butting in* This guy who repairs film cameras in our country thought us a great 4LR44 battery hack. If you have at least an old 4LR44 batt on hand it would be easier. When you open up that battery, you’ll see a carton (much like a tissue roll carton only smaller) holding four LR44 batts. Just replace those batteries. :D

      If you don’t have, try piling up four LR44 batts, cover it with paper to hold all of it together. You’ll be needing metal extenders (not sure what you call it), about 3. Maybe you can find some on your local hardware shop. :D

    2. Yes, WOW is the word! My heart was captured the second I laid eyes on it. ♥♥♥

      The 4lr44 batteries can be found quite easily, though not cheaply, on the Internet – have you tried?

    1. I think maybe the 9000F the others have mentioned is a small upgrade from your 8800F? In any case, it is always great to hear confirmation from a happy user! Thank you, ana :) P.S. I am watching your ted talk video right now!!

  9. 好久不评论!

    I’ve been riding road bikes quite frequently lately which conjures lots of imagined needs based on wants. But what I would like the most right now is an e-book store that has a large selection of 武侠 (in english, my Chinese is progressing too slow).

    In case you are interested, I’ll gladly write you a lengthy email about my experiences of film scanning and the scanner I own (Canoscan 9000F).

    1. 好久不見!:)

      Are there 武俠小說 in English?! I thought the 武俠 genre was quite exclusive to Chinese literature!

      Thank you for your offer – I will definitely take it up when I am ready for my own scanner! :)

      1. There are English translations of 武侠小说. Quite easy to find in paperback, a bit more challenging to come by as e-books. :)

        Just drop me an email when the time comes.

  10. Nikon CoolScan scanners are definitely better than anything that is still in production now. An 8000ED or 9000ED is the best choice that covers both 35mm and medium format. Otherwise, 4000ED/5000ED/VED is good enough.

    1. A few months ago I also wanted Saltwater sandals! They are definitely too expensive for me, haha! And Stay Home Club has some of the cutest things the Internet has ever seen ♥♥♥

      Waiting to hear news on that first kiss :) :) :)

  11. Most are suggesting flatbeds; Epson or Canoscan. Here’s my suggestion after a VERY thorough research, get a dedicated 35mm negative scanner; affordable ones are a Plustek or a used Pakon F135 Plus. I’m getting the latter. I have an Epson V370 but the results really aren’t satisfactory at all & it’s a bit cumbersome to scan whole rolls :( and I heard the scans from V700 aren’t that much of a difference.

    1. Hey Amira, I was really glad to see your comment – I actually have a few Plusteks bookmarked! They are a Taiwanese company, so I will be happy to buy locally, presumably easier to ask for help or servicing, too. Thank you! :)

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