The Weekend List / 28.

Negative0-12-10A(1)2Lomography CN 400, Vivitar 220/SL

A few things I like about having a blog:

– owning a domain (I’ve wanted to have one since I was a teenager but I didn’t have anything to actually use it for and this blog is the perfect reason)
– sharing my photographs (obviously)
– insane to think about but to have actually inspired people to get into film photography or writing a blog because of mine
– the best reason to take a ridiculous number of photographs
– I just really enjoy organizing things that I like (my mother loved for me to have collections as a child because she thinks it’s a great way to learn organization)
– making incredible like-minded friends through the sharing and conversations that happen on this blog

What are some reasons that make you keep a blog?

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  1. Mine has always been about keeping a diary of archived material that I can return to (my memory is horrid), and having an excuse to take more photos.

    Making friends with like-minded people is an added bonus though! :D

  2. my blog is about my passion, place to display my photographs (different that the obvious facebook, which ruins thequality) so my friends can see it. also I want it to my a bit like my own diary and this is why my posts are rather honest and upfront about some things.

  3. I keep a blog also to have some king of visual organization of my life and to share my view on the world with others :)

    Your blog was one that inspired me to want to have a blog too and i could see it was going to be an excellent opportunity to make friends!
    Have a great weekend Katie :D

    1. I used to rely on words so much when I was younger and then the urge to write went away. I am so glad and so fortunate I have found a way to speak through photographs and your photographs, Sara, are like stories to read for me. :) :) :)

  4. I can’t honestly answer that question right now. A few months ago I thought my online space just needed a facelift. Now I feel the need to reorganize entirely its content… we’ll see…

  5. I have no idea why, although the nicest thing so far is finding beautiful open-minded talented people like yourself!

    I don’t have my own domain (with my blog, but I do have my own domain for work, haha),

    I am not at all an organized person

    and I take a ridiculous number of photographs with or without the blog. I don’t think I have inspired anyone yet with my blog (he’s a newborn, haha), and I love sharing my pictures.

    and also (this may sound stupid), my site, and my “official” blog is all very professional, I miss taking photos just for the pleasure. On my “analog journey” I feel like a student, taking chances and risks and experimenting all over again. does it sound silly? :)

    1. I’m going to say thank you and I’m going to say I completely agree with you! I find it extremely comforting that there is this group of people who appreciate the words and photography others have come up with, being truly interested in perspectives and aesthetics, with no mean things to say. :)

      It does not sound silly at all, the only reason to do anything is have fun doing it! This blog started off being a curating blog, which is something I am very interested in but when I was doing it it just felt so tiresome looking around the internet for pretty things to share even though I didn’t have time for it. Not to mention that there are a million curating blogs out there and it was so stressful to want to be different from others. Turning it into a personal blog was the best decision I made because the only work involve is taking pictures and I could never think of not doing it… so no, it does not sound silly at all! It is when you keep learning new things about the craft you love that makes this journey all the more worthwhile. ♥

  6. Hello, Katie! Your blog definitely inspired me to rediscover film photography. It’s been both gratifying and frustrating, but seeing your photos always motivates me to keep trying. :)
    As for blogging, I think it comes from a basic want and need to connect with others.

    1. Hi Janie! Thank you so much for stopping by – I am so glad to hear that this blog has been useful in the process of you rediscovering film. Exciting times! Even after 3 years of shooting with film the anticipation never ends! I hope you share you film photography with us on your blog soon! ♥

  7. I keep a blog because I like tweaking codes. That’s why I bought my own domain, to be able to use wordpress. :D We actually used to have the same wordpress theme before.

    Then there’s my film photography. I like sharing photos in the blog and I honestly love seeing comments especially from people who have the same passion as mine. :)

    1. We did! I also like tweaking a little bit of code myself, as you can tell this blog looks quite different from the original template, haha!

  8. main reason to start is to have a place for photos that i take. also to inspire others to travel the world. :)
    and of course blog is an great excuse to take more and more film photos.

    ps- your blog inspire me to try different films. :)

    1. Thank you, Pratiksha, I am so glad to hear you are inspired to try different films. One of the things that make shooting film even more fun than it already is. :)

      Your lovely blog has taken me to many places I hope to visit myself! ♥

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