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  1. Hi, i’m French and came by your blog thanks to some Canon Ftb pictures samples :) I really like your work, very inspiring, plus a technical gallery for what we can obtain with the combinaison of a camera with a special 35mm film.
    I have a few questions BTW.

    The first one, the most intruiguish for me is how can you put so many pictures a day on your blog ? When are you processing your film and how you obtain the digital version ?

    Second question, how can you obtain so many pictures with different film ? You are using multiple camera with different roll of film in it ?

    Third question, some of your pictures lacks IQ (sharpness), and others are razor sharp. it would be interesting to know what kind of lenses your are shooting with. That would help identifiy their quality.

    Last question :) I saw you’re using Pentax K1000 and Canon FTb a lot. Using myself the last one, could you tell us what is your prefered camera ? Maybe not one of the above.

    Thank you for your blog, wish you great happiness with film :)

    1. Hi Budy! Thank you for your comment and the extremely kind words about this blog!

      To answer your questions:

      1. I schedule posts in advance, which is how I “blog everyday”! I take photographs all the time, probably too much, which is why I have a huge back log of photos to blog about. Since I seldom do time-sensitive posts, most of pictures were taken months ago, some more than a year ago. I pay the local lab to develop and scan my negatives, they put the digital files into a CD for me. I am quite sure you can find a lab that will do the same for you in your country!

      2. I like to try different films! And yes, I have about 12 cameras and use two or three regularly. I seldom load the same film into one camera consecutively, I like to be surprised by different results!

      3. All the lenses that are attached to each camera I use are listed here in my Camera Guide: http://curatingcuteness.com/2011/11/camera-guide/

      4. I used to use the FTb ALL THE TIME before I got the Pentax K1000. The simple truth is that the K1000 is smaller and lighter to carry around and the Pentax lens renders light in the way I prefer over the Canon lens. The Pentax K1000 is definitely my go-to camera. :)

      I hope I answered all your questions adequately, please let me know if you are still curious about anything else!

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