A Chinese Affair.


I don’t want to freak you out but if you have questions about what is going on in the third photograph, you can read about it here. It was the first time I’ve witnessed this festival (the Hakka Cultural Park is right across the street from where we live) but this is an old tradition. It is not something I agree with (there are so many things in the Chinese culture I cannot agree with) but I will give my respect to anyone’s rights to history and culture.





Negative0-20-20(1)2Lomography CN 800, Vivitar 220/SL

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  1. At first, I didn’t realize what those were, but as I looked closely, I thought that those may be animals of some sort. Then I clicked on the link you provided. There are also some things that I don’t understand about their customs, but you’re right to say that we need to respect each other’s cultures.

    Btw, it’s the first time I’ve heard of this tradition and I cannot imagine what those animals went through. Those are gigantic!!!

    1. I was shocked into wordlessness when I saw what was on display.. granted, I was alone and didn’t have anyone to actually say anything to but still! Insanely huge!

  2. oh my poor animals.. every culture has its’ own traditions.. can’t say a lot about them. anyway the pink trucks is kinda cool!

    1. Let’s focus on the pink truck! :D The floral pattern is traditionally Hakka (a Chinese dialect group) and their textiles are beautiful!

  3. It’s a strange custom but so are many other ones out there. It’s interesting to learn them.

    The lamp (?) in the last pic is beautiful. I love the colors of the flowers.

  4. i want to ride a pink truck with flowers .D

    we kill pigs here in Portugal in some rural areas of the country still,and i hate it…growing up in a farm is such a pig part of me not wanting to eat meat 6 days of the week,i saw too much killing and well it really affected me and the way i look at food!

    1. At the end of the day, everyone’s choices are based on the background by which they were raised… I was very shocked at what I would call cruelty but the people celebrating this festival were so happy. :)

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