The Weekend List / 26.

Negative0-26-24A(1)Konica Centuria Super 400, Konica FiLM-iN Neo SUPER

A few things I learned recently:

– Brazil’s capital is Brasília (and not São Paulo!)
history of the modern calendar
– you can take square photographs on 35mm film with a Zeiss Ikon Taxona
– apparently we do not have enough emojis in our lives
– you can tailor recovery by studying sweat patterns – SCIENCE BLOWS MY MIND
the eye doesn’t see

What are some things you’ve learned recently?

20 comments on “The Weekend List / 26.

  1. Beautiful and slightly melancholy photograph!
    Recently I’ve learnt that, even if it is summer, I should never trust the weather in Finland… I have came down with a terrible cold!
    I hope you’re going to have a nice and warm weekend!

  2. You did well to think the capital was São Paulo. Most people think it’s Rio :)

    I haven’t learnt anything new recently :/ which is no good. My mind has obviously ground to a screeching halt! hehe.

  3. Recently i learned changing the baby’s diapers:)
    And also,sew inner lining in a pouch. OHh yeah! HAHA
    And i’m learning some more from your list.

  4. In no particular order:

    – Color theory and descriptions of color

    – Figure skating techniques (plus the fact that I realize I watch at least 2 hours of figure skating each day but I have never been on the ice in my life)

    – Discovered tips on how to use watercolor pencils with softcore pencils to paint pictures but have yet to test it out myself

    1. I totally Googled the first one on your list, I love reading about theories! But then I forget them… I need to learn more about having a better memory :D

  5. I apparently didn’t know the capital of Brazil, either! I had heard about the addition of 250 emojis recently. I just looked at them to see what ones they’re introducing. Sadly, there is still no unicorn. ;) And it’s interesting that you included the tidbit about the eye! I was just reading a teensy little passage in Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything” that mentioned the types of cells located in our eyes that gives us the ability to “see.” I’ve been reading the book for about a month now, and I still have about 100 pages to go! It’s an interesting read, and informative, but is dense. There is so much I didn’t know about the universe, about atoms, and about the geology of earth!

    1. The unicorn will rule all emojis, perhaps that is why they hesitate to add it onto the list :)

      I wish books like those came in layman’s terms so I could have the patience to find them, go you!

  6. haha, everyone seems to think sao paulo (or even rio. but rio once was, before brasilia was founded) as brasil’s capital. you’re not the only one! :)

    that post from humans of new york blew my mind too. i love all of them, actually.

    I’ve learnt that winter doesn’t mean cold. the weather is still very warm around this land. yesterday was 31°C!!! i just wanted a bit of a cold breeze… :)

  7. learned to
    … never say never
    …that i can still keep up all night dancing and talking
    …i am visible to pretty boys
    …and now i will read all of your links so i can get to know more :D

      1. ahahah my self esteem is facing some issues… i’m working on that! :)
        it was not yet the time of that kiss but summer has just began!

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