The Weekend List / 25.

Negative0-35-XA(1)Lomography CN 400, Waterproof Toy Camera

Now that the weather is truly, cruelly hot, I thought it’d be fun to share with you my Summer Bucket List:

– try 3 new ice-cream flavors
– go on a road-trip (already planning one!)
– host a picnic party
– listen to live music at an outdoor location
– watch a sunrise and a sunset on the same day
– upcycle something
– take a class (decide between darkroom, handmade or language)
– get a manicure/pedicure

What are some of your summer (or winter, for my southern hemisphere friends) goals?

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  1. I love the sunrise sunset one. I believe I’ve done that before.. in Winter. To be fair, they were only about 4 hours apart haha.

    1. Quit my day job.
    2. Travel to Africa
    3. Shoot some Portra 400 for heavens sake :)

    1. Hahaha, I would do it in a heartbeat if it were four hours apart!

      All three things on your list sounds very do-able to me. :) :) :)

        1. Oh my goodness CONGRATULATIONS :) :) :) I hope the air smells nicer? Like freedom? Gosh, I am going to be so jealous of the photographs you take when you do number 2. :)

    1. Sea salt, chilli flakes and rose petals SOUND DIVINE to me! I hope I’ll be able to find somewhere that serves those toppings :)

  2. fun list :) it’s funny because i see the sun rise nearly every day at the moment! it’s winter here in australia and i get up at 6:10 just as it’s rising!

    1. The sun rises probably at like 5 right now in Taiwan – impossible to wake up! Unless, of course, I’m just going to bed from watching a World Cup match :)

  3. I love your bucket list. From what I hear, there are a lot of live music events in Taiwan. That should be fun. :)

    All of mine involves eating in some way, haha.

    -Make a trip to New York City at least once and have food adventures (going in a couple of weeks!)
    -Treat myself to afternoon tea by the water on a not so hot day
    -Do more crafting and baking
    -Have a picnic with the best friend

    1. But it won’t stop raining right now so I’m probably going to have to wait till July/August for some live music. :)

      Your list sounds awesome, especially afternoon tea by the water. Have fun in New York City!!! ♥

  4. I’ve done the sunrise sunset one before! But maybe I will try to do it again : )
    I never follow any lists I make (even grocery shopping lists, haha) so I wanna give it another try this time:
    – go to Cambodia to volunteer (it’s halfway planned, as soon as I’m finished my stuff here I can just go so it’s not really difficult to achieve)
    – learn Ukulele (I’m learning guitar by myself now but I want to learn Ukulele as I can carry it around when I travel, I’ll have my Ukulele soon!)
    – enjoy a girls’ day with my best friends before I leave for Cambodia
    – have all of my films developed and scanned
    – make a blog

    1. I had in mind to learn the ukulele but it just never made its way into my daily activities… :D I think playing the guitar is very, very cool. :) And I look forward to your blog!!

  5. It’s winter here, but my list isn’t so different (apart from the ice cream)

    – road trip ❤︎
    – drink a lot of hot tea and hot chocolate
    – get manicure/pedicure
    – lost track of time watching old movies in my sofa with the best boyfriend in the world! =)

  6. Your list and my list sound a lot alike! It’s getting devishly hot here, too. And humid. That’s here now as well. Ick. Anyway, I’ll be going to an outdoor concert next week, which will be fun! I’m also taking a class next month that will teach me how to compost! I’m actually very excited about it.

    1. Taiwan is also insanely humid, I didn’t know it was the same in your city! I would be excited, too, if I were taking a compost class! I always wanted to go to the gardening class at the community college but timing was always off!

  7. Beautiful photograph!
    And this is such a wonderful list of things to do during the summer!
    I wish the summer could be at least a little warmer here, but it seems the temperatures won’t get above 14 degrees Celsius. Please send some heat this way, Katie!
    P.S. go ahead with the darkroom class… you’ll love it!

  8. i wish i can go back to making lists and believing in them again <3

    – i still have a lot of picnics on my mind to be made
    -want to go more to the beach and get tanned (i have been pale white for too many years)
    -take loads of photos
    -kissing a boy on the mouth again,kike it was my first time (we are having St.John's party monday maybe that will make it easy ahahahah <3)

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